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February 28, 2017
Repair Your Credit for Nothing Upfront!!! Get Results First!!!
February 28, 2017

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STOP FORECLOSURE DEAD IN IT’S TRACKS!!!    If you are in foreclosure and want to use a method of stopping the foreclosure, in most cases through the Truth in Lending Act and potentially forcing the bank or loan servicer to suspend the foreclosure and give up their claim to title and ownership of your home permanently, then act now.

The Truth in Lending Act or TILA has a provision in it that can stop a foreclosure by allowing you to file a lawsuit for one million dollars or more against the lender or the current holder of the mortgage because they have understated the finance charges by more than $ 100.00.   Title 15 US Code, Section 1640(a) allows you to file a class action lawsuit for damages for more than $ 1,000,000 when the original lender or the current holder of the promissory note violated key provisions of the Truth In Lending Act, especially the compliance with disclosures of the finance charges or the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). You can even sue the current lender when the loan was sold to a new creditor.   Title 15 US Code, Section 1640(k) allows you to file a lawsuit as a defense to foreclosure and recoup damages against the lender, including all of the interest that you paid during the time that you were paying monthly mortgage payments.    It is not uncommon for the lender to understate the finance charges by as much as $ 500,000.00 when they are quoting you the cost of the loan and calculating monthly mortgage payments. We can assist you by hiring a firm to check the bank’s calculation of interest, finance charges and mortgage payments. This company has the same computer software that the bank has and they check the bank’s calculations for accuracy. We can help you save your home, but you may have to act quickly.

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