February 28, 2017
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February 28, 2017

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Did you know that 78% of consumers are unaware that you can erase “bad credit” through CREDIT REPAIR?  And it’s completely legal!
Let Peace of Mind Do the Work On Your Behalf!

Myths of Credit Repair
There is a tremendous amount of misinformation spun into the marketplace regarding a consumer’s credit reporting rights. Here are a few examples of the most prevalent myths.
Myth #1 – When I pay off an account, it will no longer be reported or be considered negative…Wrong!

Myth #2 – If a negative item is deleted, it will just come right back on my report…Wrong!

Myth #3 – Certain items such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, and tax liens are impossible to remove from a credit report. Wrong!

Myth #4 – Disputing a credit report is easy and any consumer can do it for themselves… Wrong!

Myth #5 – Creditors will read my 100-word statement and take my side of the story into account. Wrong!

Myth #6 – Credit bureaus are infallible, a branch of the government, or otherwise beyond reproach. Wrong!

Myth #7 – I can get a new credit file by getting a federal ID number. VERY, BIG MISTAKE!

Myth #8 -If I build enough good credit; it will offset my bad credit. Wrong!

Myth #9 -A credit counseling service can help me restore my credit rating. Wrong!

Myth #10 -The law requires that an item remain on a credit report for 7 years. Simply not so!

Mistakes Do Happen
Results of a research study conducted by Public Information Research Group -Washington, DC (PIRG).

1)      29% of credit reports contained serious errors, false delinquencies, or accounts that do not belong to the consumer.

2)      41% contained demographic information that was misspelled, outdated or incorrect.

3)      20% were missing major credit, loan, mortgage or other information to demonstrate the positive credit worthiness of the consumer.

4)      26% contained closed accounts that were closed by the consumer but listed as open.

5)      70% of the reports contained mistakes.

Cost of Bad Credit
Have you ever stopped to think what having bad credit costs? One estimate is that a poor credit rating costs the consumer $3,000 per year or $50,000 for a life of bad credit in extra charges, unnecessary deposits, excessive interest, higher insurance rates, and lower paying jobs.

Here are 2 examples of the cost of negative items left unchallenged on a credit report.

1) Auto Loan: $20,000. Car paid over 60 months – a consumer with bad credit will pay an additional $8,593.30 for the car.

2) Home Mortgage: $100,000. Mortgage paid over 30 years – a consumer with bad credit will pay an additional $130,000. For the very same home!

Let Us Help You!
Congress has provided consumers with the right to challenge information on a credit report that is deemed to be inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable. PEACE OF MIND affiliated legal team members are highly experienced at presenting your case in the most effective way possible. Information that is not properly validated under the law must be removed whether it is accurate or not. Credit bureaus and credit grantors are often unwilling or unable to meet the strict requirements placed upon them to substantiate the bad credit allegations to the full extent of the law. Most of the time, they fail to adhere to the legal criteria under credit reporting law or invest the resources to defend the adverse information reported. This allows PEACE OF MIND’s legal team to force them to remove the negatively reported information from a member’s credit report.

We Are a Trusted Resource
“Credit repair” has not been kind to the American consumer. In fact, the name is synonymous with fraud. This is the stigma faced by PEACE OF MIND as we offer our members an alternative to “credit prison”. The nasty reputation of credit repair often forces us to defend the ethics of our association. The legal services we provide our members via our affiliated legal team are analogous to work done by any defense attorney. Our member’s legal team takes an affirmative defense, offers a reasonable alibi and leaves it to the bureau(s) to substantiate their allegation. If the bureau claims to have affirmed the allegation, the decision is appealed. EVENTUALLY, MOST ALLEGATIONS ARE UNTENABLE AND REMOVED FROM THE CREDIT PROFILE.

Peace of Mind Member Benefits
PEACE OF MIND Performance Based Credit Repair Program will provide you with everything needed to completely restore your credit standing and NEVER BE TURNED DOWN (FOR CREDIT) AGAIN. As a PEACE OF MIND member you get:

A)    Legal credit repair- PEACE OF MIND will provide you with a legal team member that will assist you against the credit bureaus in removing negative items from your report. PEACE OF MIND pays all legal team member fees.

B)    Allow you to access legal resources: Members are automatically approved for over $8,000 worth of documents, research and resources.

C)    Advisory services: Members receive FREE support on any financial matter up to 1 hour per month.

D)    Debt assistance: Members who have trouble dealing with debt collectors will get guidance and assistance.

E)     Educational benefits: Members may access FREE ONLINE PERSONAL FINANCE RESOURCES. Additionally, FREE information is available on virtually any subject relevant to personal financial improvement.

F)     Online account access: Members may access their account 24/7 to see the status of their credit repair and what strategic steps are being taken.

G)    100% guarantee: Members do not pay a single penny until results are generated.
FREE No Obligation Gift
When you call be sure to ask for the PEACE OF MIND Performance Based Credit Repair Special Report or email your request to us from our website. We will send it to you FREE of charge (normally $15) and with no obligation.

Bonus Offer – FREE Credit Report Consultation
At your request, we will provide you letters to send to the credit bureaus to obtain FREE copies of your credit report. Once received, our Credit Consultants will give you a FREE evaluation of your current credit situation.

Contact Dr. Jovan Walker today for a free credit analysis, email to receive Credit Repair Special Report at

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