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Get in Control!

Have you ever thought about what the wealthy and elite do different from everyone else? What tools, vehicles, and concepts are they implementing throughout their lives that keep them on the right side of the money and out of the Rat Race? The Truth is…..Banks and finance companies have built generational wealth on the ignorance of regular American people through substantial interest and fees charged throughout history. It’s time to turn the tables and learn how you can be “Your Very Own banker” and re-harness the power of compound interest to work in your favor! Only $12.99

Here's what you'll discover:

  • How to recoup the money that you currently spend on interest to your credit cards, banks and high yield finance companies.
  • How to finance major and minor life expenses such as houses, cars, vacations, college tuitions and the like without good credit or applying for a loan.
  • How to Finance your lifestyle along the way as you build long term wealth for you and your family, and NOT have your money “locked up” to age 59 ½ like most retirement vehicles.
  • The truth about Retirement planning and why you should avoid what the gurus and media are telling you to do to prepare for retirement.
  • How to BE The Bank and NOT have to borrow another penny to finance your dreams and goals!

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One of the problems that people face today when planning their finances is they do not have a written outline of what they need in order to have a solid foundation financially. After learning what you need, the next step is writing it out in a format that can be followed. This workbook allows you to do that via a series of charts and questions to help you determine where you need to go financially and the best vehicle to get you there. When using this workbook, be sure to:
  • Read each section carefully and thoroughly
  • Be honest with yourself and answer each question with the goal of progress in mind
  • Write down your answers and thoughts
  • Get ready to "Be the bank"!
Only $12.99

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50 Affirmations & Declarations for Financial Prosperity Audio Program

Affirmations & Declarations for Financial Prosperity is an audio program that teaches you to allow abundance and attract wealth into your life by using the power of Affirmations and Declarations. Declarations are biblical concepts (Job 22:28), that instructs believers “to declare and decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee”. Using these potent strategies together, creates a powerful and proven system that makes your mind, body, and soul receptive to believing, accepting and manifesting that which you affirm and declare for your life and finances.