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February 28, 2017
Finding Money Safe Havens in the Present Economic Environment
February 28, 2017

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Jovan Walker is re launching a business as a Life, Prosperity and Financial Coach after receiving her honorary doctorate. Her recent book, You Be The Bank ~ Finance Yourself to Wealth, also offers insight into financial management and living a bountiful life.

Dr. Jovan Walker is now relaunching her new services as a Life, Prosperity and Financial Coach after receiving her honorary doctorate from Global Opus Dei Seminary and University. She recently launched her book You Be The Bank ~Finance Yourself to Wealth! as well as a new website outlining her services and her work with those who want to enjoy prosperity in their own lives. Dr. Walker is an advocate of creating a “harmonic” life, meaning that all parts of life are in harmony and support to each other.

Dr. Walker offers help through financial coaching, wealth building using real estate investing, and financial planning, particularly retirement and estate planning. She will receive her honorary Doctor of Humane Letters or Honoris Causa degree from Global Opus Dei Seminary and University on October 26, 2014. The Doctor of Humane Letters is offered to persons who have made numerous contributions to society through philanthropic work with the equivalent of 10 years of excellence in their field of work, certifications, awards and licenses.

Her services will include consultations about how to grow wealth using tax favored vehicles and strategies. She can advise those who want safe, secure growth on their investments with NO market risk with the potential to participate in double digit returns. For savvy retirees who are interested in finding ways to avoid federal and state income taxes on retirement income and have access to funds to finance everyday expenses if the need arises, Dr. Walker’s methods and advice will help them find the investment strategies they seek to provide long-term growth and tax free income for themselves and their heirs. Income that they control that can’t be taken away!

According to Dr. Walker, “At a time when people are looking for real answers and directions to creating a solid financial future , I am excited now more than ever before to work with motivated people to assist them in creating their best harmonic life!”

Those interested in Dr. Walker’s services can find out more at or by contacting

About Jovan Walker:

Dr. Jovan Walker is a philanthropist and expert on financial management. She is the author of a book on financial planning and an honorary doctoral graduate of Global Opus Dei Seminary and University.

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