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"Our mission is to build wealth using the safe buy and hold strategy of real estate
investing to build cash flow, legacy wealth, and a secure retirement that can't be taken away!"
- Jovan Walker

Dear Reader,

Are you ready to change your life?
While real estate investments are increasing – the number of people being able to retire independently or wealthy continues to decrease while the poverty levels increase. The gap of ownership in underserved communities continues to grow as well. It’s time to FILL THE GAP with information and wealth creation in real estate.
We are personally calling upon YOU to help educate and spread the word about real estate investing to your local constituents and beyond. Upon acceptance of this role, you will find many new tools to help you achieve your Investor and Affiliate goals and successfully leave a legacy to generations to come!
With Your Success In Mind,
How to Join the the Safe Money Investors Alliance
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Step 2 Learn about our National Real Estate Investor Program ( 5-10 year Real Estate investing strategy) Click here!

Listen to testimonials from our investors: Playback (559) 726-1399 / Code: 856836# Still have questions about our investor program? Click here!

Step 3 Request a Free 5-10 year game plan to develop your investment strategy with our corporate office. Click here!
Your Personalized Game Plan Will:
  • Develop a custom 5 to 10 year plan to true financial freedom
  • Reveal how easily you can create positive cash-flow for life
  • Uncover "Hidden Assets" you may not know you already have
  • Accurately predict whether your money will outlast you or not
  • Offer 3 actionable "right now" options to secure your retirement
Schedule your FREE game plan today! There is absolutely no commitment. Not quite ready to invest? Would you like to earn while you learn? Then join the Affiliate Home Study Kit Program!