Jovan Walker is an Entrepreneur, Mother, and Spiritual woman with a passion for people. Known as a Financial Coach of Hope, Jovan Walker’s drive and passion to teach financial literacy has led her to become a sought after wealth manager and advisor in the Baltimore DC metropolitan area. A native of Baltimore, Jovan has been featured on countless radio shows and taught many workshops for private and government corporations. She also facilitates in spiritual settings through her economic empowerment ministry.

After serving in the Army with the Military Intelligence Corp, Jovan started investing in real estate at the early age of 20 years old. This early start later led her to a career in financial services. She started coaching and consulting in 2004 primarily in debt elimination and credit restoration. Jovan also specializes in using investment grade real estate to supplement retirement portfolios.
Jovan’s most important role is as a mother. She loves spending quality time with her four-year-old daughter, Jaidah.

Jovan has used her talents to assist federal government employees in understanding and maximizing their employee benefits. She has helped business owners create personal and affordable benefit packages for tax-free supplemental retirement income that they control.

Jovan is on a true crusade to assist as many families as possible to become financially independent, without riding the Wall Street roller coasters. For more information email her at or call her office at (301) 577-6340 to schedule a consultation.
I will never forget the feeling in the pit of my stomach, as I laid in my grandmother’s bed on Christmas Day. I just finished reading the Tax Free Retirement book by Patrick Kelly. I felt hoodwinked! Bamboozled! I was pregnant with my first child, separated from my husband, and I had lost most of my savings and investments in the real estate bust. Needless to say things were not as wonderful, emotionally or financially, as they were just a few years prior.
Three years prior, I was flying high. I had a six-figure salary with the Department of Defense. I was investing in real estate, flipping and wholesaling homes and making really good money. I had started a part-time consulting business, teaching financial literacy. Because I absolutely love helping people, that business was successful too.
Although I had been pre-exposed to the “Tax Free Retirement” or “Safe Money” concepts during the good times, it was not until after I read the book when I realized my financial advisors had not prepared me for the bad times. Unfortunately, my advisors either did not know how to maximize the concepts or did not care to share their knowledge about these benefits with me. They were more concerned with getting a quick sale than thinking long-term investments for their client. In my darkest moment, the thought of knowing that my current financial situation could have been completely different – had I been properly educated, sickened me to my stomach. However, my darkest moment also became my greatest inspiration. I decided to become a messenger of good news to all my family and friends. I did not want them to experience the financial devastation I endured.
You may have experienced a similar situation. Maybe you were not given all the facts about something that could have completely changed your life. Enduring and overcoming my financial crisis has driven and motivated me to educate others about the importance of growing wealth and investing for the future. Will Rogers said it best, “It’s not what you don’t know, but what you think you know that just ain’t so!”
My tenure in the U.S Army, Military Intelligence Corp, taught me that people’s lives deeply depend on our integrity and accuracy. I live by the same mantra in my financial planning business.
After losing almost everything from the real estate bust 1) predictability and 2) guarantees are my primary interest as I help my clients plan. With all the economic pitfalls in the market today – not to mention worldwide, it is more important than ever to create wealth! Keeping your investments safe and securing it is imperative to me. More importantly, I want to help you grow your wealth well past inflation.
Now, after going through the fiscal wilderness, I learned to practice and implement safe and secure investment strategies that were previously reserved for the elite. I pride myself on first educating my clients with the most up-to-date and relevant information that builds and protects their wealth. Second, I share my knowledge. I have been featured on numerous radio shows, facilitated workshops for private and government corporations, and counseled churches through my economic empowerment ministry throughout the Baltimore-DC Metropolitan area.
When I am not consulting, I participate in group fitness classes like Zumba and Pilates. Inspired by my personal diabetes scare in 2011, I am an advocate for holistic health and nutritional care. Through prayer, proper nutrition and exercise I overcame my health scare. My most important role is as a mother. I love spending quality time with my three-year old daughter, Jaidah.
Some of my current and past business include assisting federal government employees to understand and maximize their employee benefits. My team and I are the preferred benefit specialist for the NTEU (National Treasury Employee Union) for the Maryland & DC area. I assist people in supplementing their retirement through realestate investing, the cornerstone of wealth. My ideal client is someone who is looking to create wealth and a retirement plan that they control and that cant be taken away by the gov't or wallstreet.
As a safe money wealth strategist, I am on a true crusade to assist as many families as possible to become financially independent, without riding the Wall Street roller coasters or the 40/40 plan, that is working 40 years for someone's dreams and end up on a fixed income!
OUR GOALS AFFORDABLE BENEFITS SOLUTIONS, INC., is a professional personal benefits provider and consulting company. We offer our clients the chance to become educated on and obtain quality and relevant insurance, estate, tax, and retirement planning products that match their exact needs and produce favorable outcomes for their lifestyles. Most of our customers are located in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

We are a customer-focused and reliable company dedicated to giving you up-to-date information that helps you better prepare for your future. Whether you are in the beginning stages of your planning or you'd like to tweak some details to make them suit your current needs, our staff of professionals will work with you directly to assess your goals and maximize your outcome.

You may utilize our areas of expertise to benefit from the following solutions and deliverables:
+ Obtain quotes for annuity, life insurance, long-term care, individual health insurance, disability insurance and Medicare supplement products

+ Attend or request workshops on financial planning including becoming educated on federal benefits and legacy planning

+ Receive financial advice on your specific situations or concerns

Speak with one of our experts by calling 301-577-6340 or click here to contact our staff via email message.
Some of the most frequent topics we've helped our clients with include:
  1. Employee Benefits
  2. Cash Management
  3. Obligations & Debts
  4. Estate
  5. Annuities
  6. Health Insurance
  7. Long-Term Care
  8. Government Benefits
  9. Retirement Planning Services
  10. Education Funding
  11. Charitable Planning Services
  12. Life Insurance
  13. General Insurance
  14. Career & Lifestyle
We want to help you grow and maintain your wealth. Our company strives to educate and properly prepare our clients with the tools, resources and confidence they'll need to make strong decisions on their financial future. When you talk with our highly trained and friendly staff, you will receive years of industry knowledge that is customized to your particular situation. We will learn more about your background, your goals, your concerns and your current situations to determine which products or services are best for you. We will also take the time to advise you on how to make better selections on your own.

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  4. Roll Over Options
  5. Self-directed IRA
  6. Roth IRA
  7. Pension Plans
  1. Life Insurance
  2. Senior Plans
  3. Disability Plans
  4. Mortgage Insurance
  5. Cancer Plans
  6. Long-term Care
  7. Dental/Vision Plans
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  2. Living Revocable Trusts
  3. Asset Protection
  4. Avoiding Probate
  5. Health Care Directives
  6. Power of Attorney
  7. Gifting Strategies
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  2. Debt Elimination
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  5. Foreclosure Prevention
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  2. FEGLI Cost Analysis
  3. Supplemental Benefits
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  2. Life Settlements
  3. Gold Bullions
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