50 Affirmations & Declarations for Financial Prosperity.

Affirmations & Declarations for Financial Prosperity is an audio program that teaches you to allow abundance and attract wealth into your life by using the power of Affirmations and Declarations. Declarations are biblical concepts (Job 22:28), that instructs believers to declare and decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee”.Using these potent strategies together, creates a powerful and proven system that makes your mind, body, and soul receptive to believing, accepting and manifesting that which you affirm and declare for your life and finances .

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The 50 Affirmation & Declarations for Financial Prosperity Series This series contains three audio tracks in MP3 format which you can play virtually on any digital device such as iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod, PC, and laptop. Plus you get an instructional guide and the complete audio transcripts in PDF format. You get immediate access to the entire product upon purchase

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About the Author, Dr. Jovan Walker

Known as the Financial Coach of Hope, Dr. Jovan is an insurance professional who serves as an expert financial consultant in affiliation with Affordable Benefits Solutions Inc.; a full service wealth management firm. We develop financial programs and insurance strategies to assist clients in the areas of retirement planning, asset preservation, and long-term care alternatives.

Jovan Walker’s drive and passion to teach financial literacy has led her to become a sought after wealth manager and advisor in the Baltimore DC metropolitan area. A native of Baltimore, Jovan has been featured on countless radio shows and taught many workshops for private and government corporations. She also facilitates in spiritual settings through her economic empowerment ministry.

For more info visit www.jovanwalker.net